Market Movers, July.2nd

8:23am, TIGR up 12% on 600 000 shares traded after reporting “UP Fintech Holding Limited Obtains Self-Clearing License in the U.S. Through Acquisition”, Read more

8:32am, AMRN up 7.5 after boosting revenue guidance from $350 000 000 to as high as $450 000 000. The Street reports

ROKU downgraded from  to “sector perform” from “outperform

8:41am, RBZ up 16.7% on 491,284 shares traded after announcing “Sell to Reebonz’ Service in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia”. Read more
We picked this stock on June. 26th.

The National Bureau of Economic Research reported recently that the U.S. is now in its longest economic expansion, breaking the record of 120 months from March 1991 to March 2001, CNBC reports

9:49am, DOW down 47 points

Nouriel Roubini says the trade war is the beginning of the tipping point for the global economy, “It has already been in the data — the collapse of CAPEX. And once the CAPEX is down, then the industrial production is down and the employment is down, and you have the beginning of a global recession that starts in tech, then in manufacturing, then in industry and then goes to services,” he said. Nouriel Roubini says the trade war is the beginning of the tipping point for the global economy. ” CNBC reports

10:02am, not much moving today

MDJM Ltd. up 48% as of 12:13PM on 1 million shares traded after reporting “renewal of a Primary Real Estate Agency Service Contract with Tianjin Binhai New City Investment Co., Ltd., a real estate developer for the Teda Yuhai project in Tianjin”. Link

Top gainers is filled with gold stocks today

12:19pm, Maxar Technologies Inc. up 14 on 4.9 million shares traded after “Italian aerospace and defense firm Leonardo SpA (LDOF.MI) and France’s Thales SA (TCFP.PA) are considering the joint acquisition of a space business from U.S. firm Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR.N), Leonardo’s CEO said on Tuesday”. Reuters reports

 “U.S. threatened a new wave of tariffs on European goods”, CNBC reports

Dow closes up 69 points

The 10-year Treasury yield fell back under 2% as investors gravitate towards safer investments, CNBC reports

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