Market Movers, June.3rd

Despite concerns about global growth, Dow futures are up 54 points as of 7:45am

8:05am “OMNOVA to be acquired by Synthomer plc, London for $10.15 per share; reports fiscal 2019 second quarter earnings”. Up 55% on 130,401 shares traded. Link

8:12am, SYMC up 16% on 2,168,995 shares traded after Bloomberg reports Broadcom Inc. is considering buying the firm for 26-28 per share. Link

8:21am XSPA, a stock that saw significant intraday gains recently, is up 13.22% on 455,077 shares traded. This is the only news we can find, Link

Bruce Linton steps down as CEO of Canopy Growth, down 3.9% as of 8:27am on 632,679 shares traded, Read more

TSLA reports record deliveries of Model 3, up 7% on 323,343 shares traded as of 8:30am, Link

Karyopharm Announces FDA Approval of XPOVIO, up 36.03% on 12.282M shares traded. Read more

FuelCell Energy, Inc. up 31.0727% on a whopping 109.653M shares traded. This represented a 3196% volume spike compared to its 3 month average. Cash, 14 million according to most recent 10-Q, down 65% since October 2018. Net loss for the 3 months ended April. 30th was $19,530 000. Shares outstanding is 27,424,239 as of June.13 2019

” (FCEL)Recognized the performance achievements of the 20 megawatt Korean Southern Power Company (KOSPO) fuel cell park in Incheon, South Korea, as the installation reached its one year anniversary of operation on June 30, 2019″.

“The fuel cell park, owned by KOSPO, consists of eight SureSource 3000â„¢ power plants, manufactured and maintained by FuelCell Energy producing electricity and thermal energy to support a district heating system adjacent to the existing 1.8 gigawatt Shin-Incheon combined cycle power plant”. Read more

Looks like they just released this report because the of the Tesla results to pump their stock, but that is just our opinion

All EV related stocks were hot today. NIO went up 11% on a significant increase in volume

Dow closes up 179 points, market expecting fed will lower rates, CNBC reports

Stay tuned for updates!

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