Market Movers, July.16th

JMP cuts target for interest based earnings by 500 million, CNBC reports

7:29 Dow up 16 points

7:50am, BPTH up 15% on 67,242 shares traded after analyst coverage: “H.C. Wainwright analyst Yi Chen started Bio-Path Holdings with a Buy rating and $28 price target”, reports (H.C Wainwright is their underwriter so you should consider them as having a conflict of interest and should thus not take this buy rating seriously, “Chinese Wall” or not. According to Bloomberg, they only have 35 employees, so ….Figure it out…

7:54 am, IMRN up more than 100% on 271 000 shares traded after reporting significant earnings growth.

click the image to read the full report

8:11am, MLNT up 12% on 89 000 shares traded after reporting positive preliminary second quarter financial results. Click image below for the full report

This is a Johnson Family connected company, with Mr. John H. Johnson holding the CEO position. FMR, a company for which he holds pecuniary interest, recently liquidated their full position in the company. On 6/11/18, FMR reported owning 11% of the class


Only 6 days ago, on 7/10/19, FMR, and Mrs. Abigail Johnson, reported owning 0% of the class

Dominoes pizza reports disappointing sales, down 7% as of 8:29am, on 112,632 shares traded. Many analysts have been predicting slowing growth for the second half of this year, so this price reaction is an excellent indication of overall market sentiment. Dominoes was one of the best performing stocks of the decade, so for it to react like this is very telling. There will most certainly be more to come. Read the full report at the

IMRN major shareholders

 9:55am, APRN up 17% on 1,599,200 shares traded after reporting they are adding Beyond Meat to their menu. reports

TNXP down 40% after announcing pricing of an underwritten public offering at 60 cents per share for gross proceeds of 5.4 million, Read more

Roku up 6% today on 13.202M shares traded as of 12:56am

Dow falters after Trump says trade war likely far from resolution

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