Harry Markopolos: Nobody Paid Us To Do This Report

On August.15th, Harry Markopolos was asked if he was paid by a hedge fund to publish his investigative report on General Electric, and his answer was no. He said all of his research was self funded, and that he is banking on receiving an SEC Whistleblower payout, which can pay up to 30% of the fines levied upon a company.

But later in the interview when he was asked if he was shorting the stock, he replied that he was only getting a percentage of the profits from a hedge fund, and that this percentage was confidential — so yes, he is being paid.

There is nothing wrong with this though. As much as investors hate short sellers and their reports, they provide clarity to the market by awarding a financial incentive to those that take the time to perform forensic due diligence, which in this case, must have taken several months. His report is more than 100 pages long. Check out the full interview

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