Market Movers, August.23rd. Trump Tariff Tweet-Storm Gets Ugly. China Retaliates

Dow futures up 42 points, volume 23,333

6:53am, Sales force is up 7% on 56,748 shares after reporting quarterly earnings

7:14am, FFHL up 67% on 2,105 shares after reporting Q2 earnings

7:18am, NETE is up 8.65% on 75,816 shares. Looks like it is following through from yesterdays rally.

7:19am, TIGR up 9% on 215,179 shares after reporting quarterly earnings

“VMware Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Pivotal Software”, Globenewswire

“Trafigura’s Big Bet on Shipping Pays Off With Frontline Deal”, Bloomberg.

7:38am, HP is down 8% on 56,633 shares after the CEO stepped down, reports quarterly earnings. Beats estimates

“Ocean Power Technologies Announces the Successful North Sea Deployment of the PB3 PowerBuoy® for Premier Oil”, Globenewswire. Up 65% on 697,848 shares at 7:54 am. Read more

“As Jackson Hole Starts, Emerging Markets Lose Faith in the Fed”, Bloomberg

“Powell says Fed will ‘act as appropriate’ but offers little more guidance”, Reuters

Dow crashes 400 points after this Trump tweet storm

“China strikes back at U.S. with new tariffs on $75 billion in goods”, Reuters

12:03pm, Dow down 445 points, volume 124,910,938

Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. is down 18% at 12:52pm after Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC opts out of purchase agreement

1:13pm, HIBB is down 13% on 943,371 shares after missing on earnings by 33 cents

1:18pm, Foot Locker is down 17% on 15,069,086 shares after missing estimates by 12 cents

1:26pm, Dow down 523 points, volume 172,591,499, yield curve inverts again. Trump aint happy lol

1-800-Flowers.Com Inc is down 10% on 1,010,954 shares after they reported increased revenue, but no change in earnings relative to last years quarter

RVLV down 8% after China threatens to raise tariffs. They are highly dependent on China for manufacturing

OPTT only up 15% now. 1:33pm. That was a given

Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co., Ltd. looks like your typical Chinese pump and dump, fake financials. As of 1:53pm, it is up 158% on 18,181,320 shares

Reuters front page archived

“Brazilian government to file for Banco do Brasil secondary share offering soon- source” , Reuters

“U.S. new home sales drop sharply, point to more housing weakness”, Reuters

“Oil prices slide 2.1% as US-China trade war escalates”, CNBC

3:48pm, Dow down 612 points, volume 256,493,636, VIX up 23%

4:01pm, dow down 621 points, volume 342,800,615

“Fed Vice Chair Clarida says the global economic outlook has worsened since July meeting” CNBC

Trump announces he will raise tariffs after market close

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