BOQI, Formerly BIMI, Formerly NFEC, Appears To Buy Pharmacy From The Chairman, Who Is Also Their Largest Shareholder

“NF Energy Saving’s stock soars over 500% on very heavy volume” Marketwatch

‘8-K’ for 9/27/19

‘8-K’ for 4/11/19 Friday, 4/19/19, at 4:05pm ET 

So he founded the company, then suddenly steps down, then enters into an agreement 1 month later to buy the company he founded with 1.5 million shares of NFEC/BIMI/BOQI — whatever they’re calling it today — and also $5.6 million….

hmmm…Sounds legit

8-K’ for 4/11/19 – ‘EX-4.1’


PRE 14A’ for 10/4/19

April 9, 2018 Yongquan Bi

1/15/19, at 5:29pm ET 13D/A

8-K’ for 1/30/19 – ‘EX-99.1

‘DEF 14A’ for 5/18/18

10k/A, Friday, 9/6/19, at 5:26pm ET   


Tuesday, 3/5/19, at 4:18pm ET ·

April 16, 2019, changes accountant

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13f for September 30 2018

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