CHFS Quick Rundown

Price adjusted to $1.15

‘S-1MEF’ on 11/22/17. Series F is registered

Series was registered in 2017 (‘424B4’ on 11/22/17)

Baxter details

Baxter indirect competitor

Worked at Baxter for 33 years

‘424B4’ on 3/8/19. It appears the 1 million shares they issued to Baxter have not be registered yet, but I haven’t 100% confirmed this. After all the reverse splits, they are by all intensive purposes, worthless

But it says here in a the more recently filed ‘424B5’ on 10/23/19 that they had 1666 shares required to be registered related to the Baxter acquisition, which is still meaningless. Few thousand bucks

The original purchase price was 4 million plus 1 million shares

Original purchase agreement with Baxter.

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