Journalists Are Now Getting Banned From Running Ads on Social Media.

Project Veritas, a team of investigative journalists with a long history of exposing corruption through the use of an old tactic known as “ambush journalism”, has been banned from running ads on Twitter.

First to expose the Trump/Russia collusion story as a hoax, and also the first to report on shadowbanning — a tactic used by social media companies that blocks messages from going viral — their list of accolades was getting to be so long that they were beginning to put the mainstream to absolute shame!

Yet even in light of the amount of risk that one would naturally expect would come with delivering these story’s to the public, or that most of what they report consists of secret recordings in a public place, it was just announced that Twitter Inc, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, has suddenly decided to make the shocking decision to blanket ban these brave reporters from running ads on their platform…Learn more

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