Google Has Removed 11 Million Channels Over The Past 12 Months

Google’s data only goes back 12 months, and the reason for this is probably because they didn’t have a serious removal policy prior to this mass purging of user generated content that many people have been the victim of lately.

We know this because up until about last year, pedophiles would roam free with complete immunity stalking little kids who were posting videos of themselves playing on youtube, so if creeps like this were not getting blocked, than we can rest assured that nobody else was getting blocked.

That story is horrific, but according to google’s statistics, these violations only represent a small fraction of the total videos removed on their platform. Their community guidelines also appear to be extremely opaque and open to interpretation, which obviously raises some serious concerns. Included below are snapshots of these guidelines taken from Google’s official web page.

Fine, nothing wrong with this one

Nothing wrong with these either; obvious.

Okay, now things are starting to get kind of weird…

Nudity, sex, child safety, abuse, dangerous, and harassment, are all completely understandable, but these criteria only account for 20% of the removal guidelines. The other 79% is “spam, misleading, and scams”.

Scams are understandable and so is spam, but misleading? What does that even mean? The word “misleading’ is a very broad generalization, and honestly, it wouldn’t even be that big of a deal if it didn’t account for such a large proportion of the removals.

Who decides what is misleading? How does one definitively know if something is misleading? Does google have a team of experts circumnavigating every video online and deciding what is “misleading” and what is not?

We are clearly treading a very thin line between a fair attempt at keeping people safe, and an opaque and selective censorship policy that is easily manipulated by a small and exclusive group of politically connected elite. Google has a monopoly in the online video sector, so is it really a good idea to be giving this monstrous corporation the power to decide what billions of people are allowed to see online?

What is even more terrifying about all this is that these tech corporations appear to be working together. Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Google are all banning specific content at the exact same time, and if you include Microsoft, their combined market cap would exceed the GDP of every single country in the world other than the United States, Japan, and China.

Would you be okay with a massive conglomerate of privately owned corporations deciding what you are allowed to say in your everyday life? Obviously not, so why should online communication be treated any differently? It’s been shown that the majority of our interactions take place online now, so why should the executives of these massive corporations get to decide what you are allowed to see on the internet? They can even ban journalists now.

Even in light of all this, the scariest part is that many people seem to be in complete support these corporations blocking everybody’s speech. Just look around online and you will constantly see people regurgitating the favorite party line, “these are private companies, so they can do what they want”.

No they can’t. The constitution of both the United Nations and the United States says very clearly that people are endowed with certain inalienable rights, and one of those rights is freedom of speech. If a cartel of corporations is deliberately depriving an entire population of these rights, than it is within the bounds of the law for them to be stopped, private company or not.

How can anybody reasonably justify giving a small group of unelected corporate executives the power to manage an entire nations speech? Have the people gone insane, or are they just being manipulated by the media? It is truly amazing how quickly people forget how many times the MSM has lied, yet because the masses are so angry with Trump, they will accept anything that will help put a stop to him, even outright Chinese level censorship.

Click here if you would like to view their guidelines in more detail.

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