Subliminal Messaging: How Advertisers Use Sex to Seduce You Into Buying Their Products

Notice something that’s just a little bit odd about that picture; something that just kinda, sticks out a little bit?

Do you see her hands?  The one at the bottom almost looks like it’s fondling something, doesn’t it?

Do you see her mouth? Do you see where her other hand is? None of this is accidental, and everything is there for a reason. 

Let’s expand the picture.

Everybody in the background is looking at her, like she’s about do something….big. They are all waiting expectantly as she opens her mouth. The man on the right is ready, excited. He knows what’s coming. The man on the bottom; do you see the look on his face? Look at his eyes. It’s like he can’t wait for what is about to come.

Do you see the bulls-eye; the one that lines up perfectly with her mouth? There’s a word in there that you can’t quite make out. You can sort of make it out, but it’s kind of blurry. Core maybe?……………Coke?


Watch this



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