Alibaba Receives $1500 Twelve Month Price Target From CNN. Yes, You Read That Right.

The fact that this hasn’t been changed in more than 6 months speaks volumes about CNN’s journalistic integrity, especially considering that no other financial news website seems to be having this problem.

Just imagine if Bloomberg, CNBC, or MarketWatch left this up for 6 months? Their viewers would leave…

Business news tends to set higher journalistic standards because many of their viewers have money on the line.

Here is the real consensus price target; its $235.71 . Alibaba is one of the biggest companies in the world with 1000’s of analysts pouring over every detail of its books. If it went up 800%, the market cap would be $3.8 trillion, 3x that of Apple, the first trillion dollar company in history. This is outrageous..

Yeah that seems a little more reasonable. If there was ever a more blatant example of CNN being fake news, it would be this. Can you believe that youtube forces their videos and articles to the top of the feed? They just posted an explicitly fake buy rating about one of the biggest companies in the world, so just imagine what they would do with full fledged censorship.

Of course, not one word from Zuckerberg’s Poynter Institute, facebook’s authorized fact-checker, a partisan news organization that has been entrusted with the responsibility of policing what 67% of social media traffic is allowed to see online.

Maybe this nonsensically obvious bias will change when Zuckerberg creates his “Independent Advisory Board” — a truth committee that he says will be given the power to decide what gets banned on facebook. Check this out


To everybody saying that it’s switching to yuan: learn your currency signs. Yes, they are clearly attempting to switch currencies, but it still says up 823%…???

CNN is the most popular news website online. This is a complete joke.

As you can see, people actually believe these CNN projections.

Should we really blame them? When emotions are flying high and with money on the line, people have a tendency to defer to anything that may support their belief system, regardless of how outrageous it may seem.

CNN is also a major media conglomerate with decades of experience, and to some, it would seem highly unlikely that this household name could be capable of making such an outlandish mistake, while at the same time not even caring enough about their viewers to fix this problem for almost 12 full months.

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