[FULL REVIEW]China Changes ‘Confirmed Case’ Methodology: Infected Without Symptoms (Asymptomatic) Apparently Does NOT Constitute as a ‘CONFIRMED CASE’ Anymore, Alex Lam of AppleDaily.HK

Beijing and Shanghai Now Locked Down — The 2nd and 3rd Most Populated Cities in the World

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February.10th, 2020 front page archived

“According to Zhao Yuhui, a second-level investigator of the Heilongjiang Provincial Health and Health Committee’s Medical Administration and Medical Administration Division, on the 8th, 14 patients were deducted from Heilongjiang Province, the positive cases of nucleic acid testing are divided into confirmed cases and asymptomatic infection, rather than collectively referred to as confirmed cases”.

“What are asymptomatic infections, how are these patients screened out, do ordinary people asymptomatic need to go to relevant institutions for examination? Sun Wei explained that asymptomatic infection refers to patients who have no clinical symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus (such as fever, fatigue, pneumonia, etc.), but who have a positive nasopharyngeal swab virus nucleic acid test”.


the positive cases of nucleic acid testing are divided into confirmed cases and asymptomatic infection

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“TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As many experts question the veracity of China’s statistics for the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Tencent over the weekend appeared to inadvertently release what is potentially the actual number of infections and deaths — which are far higher than official figures, but eerily in line with predictions from a respected scientific journal.

As early as Jan. 26, netizens were reporting that Tencent, on its webpage titled “Epidemic Situation Tracker,” briefly showed data on the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China that was much higher than official estimates, before suddenly switching to lower numbers. Hiroki Lo, a 38-year-old Taiwanese beverage store owner, that day reported that Tencent and NetEase were both posting “unmodified statistics,” before switching to official numbers in short order”.

“However, the “internal” data held by Beijing may not reflect the true extent of the epidemic. According to multiple sources in Wuhan, many coronavirus patients are unable to receive treatment and die outside of hospitals”.

Zerohedge: “This Is How China Is Rigging The Number Of Coronavirus Infections”

Reddit conversation: “China changes who qualifies as “confirmed”. This will cause numbers to decrease”.

(Translated) Official Chinese News Release
“At 04:00 on February 9th, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported that 3062 new cases were diagnosed (2618 in Hubei), 296 cases were severely added (258 in Hubei), and new There were 97 deaths (91 in Hubei, 2 in Anhui, 1 each in Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Hainan, and Gansu), and 4008 new suspected cases (2272 in Hubei).
On the same day, 632 newly discharged cases were cured (356 in Hubei), and 29,307 close contacts were lifted from medical observation.
As of 24:00 on February 9, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 35,982 confirmed cases (of which 6,484 were severe cases), a total of 3,281 discharged cases were cured, and 908 died. A total of 40,171 confirmed cases have been reported (87 cases in Hubei, 1 case in Jiangxi and Gansu), and 23,589 suspected cases. A total of 399,487 close contacts were traced, and 187,518 close contacts were still in medical observation.
A total of 64 confirmed cases were reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 36 cases in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1 death), 10 cases in the Macau Special Administrative Region (1 case was cured and discharged), and 18 cases in Taiwan (1 case was cured and discharged)”.


February 10, 2020 5:00 pm
“British traveller may have spread novel coronavirus across Europe, officials say”, Global News

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