September.16th, 2009, Was the Day the Fed Made their Decision to Bailout AIG, Coincidentally the Same Day that the Repo Market Started to Collapse

March 24, 2009 American International Group Chairman Ben S. Bernanke Before the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

“We at the Federal Reserve, working closely with the Treasury, made our decision to lend to AIG on September 16 of last year. It was an extraordinary time. Global financial markets were experiencing unprecedented strains and a worldwide loss of confidence. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had been placed into conservatorship only two weeks earlier, and Lehman Brothers had filed for bankruptcy the day before. We were very concerned about a number of other major firms that were under intense stress”. Read more

September.16th, 2019, Repo rate spikes to 4.10%

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