Mark Zuckerberg says he wants the internet to be like TV

Remember before the internet became popular, when all we had was Seinfeld, reality TV, and we were forced to watch whatever BS the MSM was feeding us at the time? Nobody had any alternative, and we were all shuttered from the truth.

Back then, if the news media said it wasn’t true, it just wasn’t true, and it didn’t matter how ridiculous it was, or how easily refutable it was, everybody was just forced to believe because we simply had nothing else to supplement their propaganda, hypocrisy, and their lies..

This of course helped feed into many of the unnecessary and unfair societal barriers that had been blocking people from realizing their true potential in the decades before the internet went mainstream — the very problem that the creators of the internet hoped that it could solve.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that this is exactly what he wants. You can read about it more by clicking on this link.

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