New Energy is On FIRE Today!

Enphase Energy is up 38% as of 1:53pm. They doubled their revenues since the same time last year.

$PLUG spiked for no reason in response to a reddit micro-targeting campaign last night.

Sunpower spiked 13% after several news stories were published yesterday about the company. Later in the day, Total reported increasing its stake by about 8 million shares, adding to the momentum. On November.25th, 2019, Total reported they planned to maintain at least a 50% interest in the company.

FCEL spiked in an apparent sympathy move as there doesn’t seem to be any news today. The company has been hot lately, with a large following on social media.

I was actually able to get a glimpse into the web analytics through my FCEL posts on stocktwits, and I noticed I would always receive an unusually large amount of traffic. FCEL’s most recent news event was a sale-leaseback transaction on February.13th

Jinko Solar also seems to be experiencing sympathy action as there doesn’t seem to be any news other than a company insider reporting sales in relation to a trading plan. This was reported yesterday in the morning.

Bloom Energy experienced an uptick in call volume today, reported by It is up 17% at 3:00pm.

SEDG is up 15% at 3:00pm after receiving an analyst upgrade.

The WTI was also up 2.47%, causing several oil related stocks to spike.

Top gainers list for February.19th, 2019, archived, courtesy tradingview

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