$CODX Intel

Back in the summer when I noticed this stock was trending, I became very skeptical due to the strange price action and message board activity, so I decided to read through their filings.

Buried in an old 8-K, the chief scientist disclosed that he was the victim of some kind of elaborate scheme that involved what is referred to in the industry as a “Stock-Based Loan Program”. They also had very little in terms of revenue or sales, so I wrote an article warning people about the risks involved with this company.

Included below is an excerpt from the original post.

(July.11th, 2019) One of the beneficial owners filed a 13-G calling itself Bentley Rothschild. I looked into the fund and found out it was run by a 20 year old Hungarian that goes by the name Elizaveta. She holds no affiliation to the Rothschild Family.

Just by chance, I decided to check how CODX was doing today, but when I looked it up on Google, I was shocked to see that it had spiked several hundred percent! How could this be possible for a company that produces so little revenue and sales?

Luckily, I found somebody else who seemed to be equally as perplexed by this strange price action, and they wrote a detailed expose that provides further insight.

Click here to learn more.

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