(2″33″), Dow Spikes 2000 Points, its Third Largest Intraday Percentage Increase Ever..

wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_daily_changes_in_the_Dow_Jones_Industrial_Average

CNBC front page archived. and daily market summary, archived
Financial Times front page archived
Bloomberg front page archived
Wall Street Journal front page archived


Posted yesterday, “Why 4 of the Biggest U.S. Banks Now Trade Below Book Value”, Barrons
Matt Levine, Bonds and stuff
Bill Gates leaves Microsoft
“Bitcoin loses half of its value in two-day plunge”, CNBC

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The New York Fed Is Keeping JPMorgan’s Secrets Close to Its Chest

Ongoing Series on the Federal Reserve’s
2019/2020 Bailout of Wall Street

Still nobody talking about the New York Fed responding to Institutional Investor’s FOIA request asking for access to their stockholder ownership list. Apparently Citigroup and JPM own 75% of the New York Fed..

archive.today stops working properly. Keeps queuing for extremely long periods of time — this has never happened.

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