The Censored, Orwellian Financial Apocalypse is Upon Us…


February 8, 2020

One day, Mr. Zuckerberg, you will live to rue this Orwellian control grid that you have forced upon practically every democratic society in the western world. Sadly, hindsight is 20/20, and by the time he realizes this colossal mistake, it will only be the crooks that will have the last laugh, and unfortunately the world will be left to suffer.

In fact, it looks like they already have. For the past 6 months leading up to this historic financial collapse, the Fed has lied to pensioners, endowments, and anybody who held stocks in their retirement savings, by covering up the fact that they were, by all intensive purposes, bailing the out the banks.

Their excuse of course would probably be that they didn’t want to spook market — but try telling that to all the people who believed the lies of the mainstream media and government bureaucrats, who held their investments, and are now looking at a 50% reduction to the value of their life savings.

They always like to say that it’s for our safety.

But who’s safety? Theirs or ours?

We give you your leader…

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