Bloomberg Cites Unidentified Source Claiming China is Deliberately Under-Reporting the Extent of the Outbreak

(Bloomberg) “The officials asked not to be identified because the report is secret, and they declined to detail its contents.” Read more

Although a journalist for Apple Daily, Hong Kong’s second most popular newspaper, said that China was under-reporting back in February, Bloomberg has cited sources in the past that have seemed just a little bit on the iffy side, so it’s always best to take something like this with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was some truth to these allegations, as China is famous for their health safety cover ups — most notably due to their long list of fake vaccine scandals.

Trump also indicated in a press conference on Wednesday that he questioned their numbers, saying he believed they were “a little on the light side”, but he also said he hadn’t confirmed anything as of yet.
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