University of California Study Suggests Coronavirus Far More Prevalent in L.A. County than Initially Reported; Implied Death Rate of Only 0.1-0.2%…?? (Yes, You Read That Right)

(Santa Monica Mirror) “I think if there is a part of this that is hopeful for us is that the mortality rate now has dropped a lot. If you think the denominator now for the number of positive cases in LA County is 300,000 and it is not 12,000, then our mortality rate has dropped from 4.5 percent to more like .1 or .2 percent depending on which number you choose to use which I think does provide us with some hope that this disease while extraordinarily devastating and causes a lot of death – since that still is more death then you have from like influenza and more death happening in a much shorter period of time over a couple of months – it is not as high a rate of death as what we were looking at” Read more

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