Shifting Narratives: Which Way Will the Pendulum Swing?

At the current moment, we seem to be in the center of the pendulum. The Trump Administration is saying death rates could rise to 3000 per day in June, yet at the same time, many countries are reporting reduced infection rates. The stock market somehow keeps rising, but analysts continue to warn (ad nauseam) of great depression like economic figures.

Businesses are reopening, but on Mar 19, 2020, Sky News published a terrifying interview with an Italian doctor who was recorded on video saying coronavirus was NOTHING like a seasonal flu, but in fact, more like ‘severe pneumonia’, and that’s a direct quote; yet on April 11, 2020, Stanford University released a study that concluded coronavirus only kills .2% of people.

In addition to this, Andrew Cuomo just announced the results of a preliminary study that concluded anti-body positivity in New York City had reached a whopping 24%, which you can only assume would significantly lower reported death rates…

There just seems to be a lot of conflicting stories and narratives, so let’s capture this moment by archiving the news as it existed today.

Financial news homepages archived

Financial Times


Wall Street Journal



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Update: May.19th

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