Was the Washington Post Story About Coronavirus Increasing Strokes in Young People a Classic Case of Fear Mongering?

A user on ihub’s DD Support Board and Research Team does an incredible job breaking this down. Well versed in spotting microcap scams, they can be very astute when it comes to the art of due diligence, and some of the seasoned veterans even sport accounts that date back as far as the days of the dot-com bubble.

Normally it would be absolutely ridiculous to be publishing articles about anonymous ihub posters, but this was just such an excellent breakdown of what seemed to be a flagrant attempt at fear mongering by the Washington Post that it had to be included…

You can read the Washington Post story by visiting the link below.

Young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, are dying from strokes”

By OMOLIVES, Ihub, DD Support Board and Research Team:

It’s the header that creates such:

Also…some of the writing:

“Oxley gasped when he got to the patient’s age and COVID-19 status: 44, positive.”

It’s not necessarily poorly written. The aim is to put some fear into it..and be a little creative. You start off with the header….and that is grabbed and reissued with said art’…over and over again. What individuals remember most is the header…and the game is played on.

No where in that piece is the word “anomaly” used. That should appear in the header and throughout the article. Because that is what it is. That anomaly should be studied as all should be.

It is 100% a fear piece and that is evident in the header. To it break down:

-Healthy people in their 30s and 40s

-barely sick with COVID-19

-are dying from strokes

They were not healthy. They apparently were supposedly healthy. It also blatantly suggests in said header that young and middle aged individuals showing no signs of the Virus are dying of strokes inferring nothing to what the so called small sample is…leading you to believe that it must be quite large given that it is so newsworthy.

The only number given in that art’ is….:

“Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, which operates 14 medical centers in Philadelphia and NYU Langone in New York City, found that 12 of their patients treated for large blood blockages in their brains during a three-week period had the virus. Forty percent were under 50, and had few or no risk factors. Their paper is under review by a medical journal, said Pascal Jabbour, a neurosurgeon at Thomas Jefferson.”

That is correct….12….12 individuals…out of haw many??? So let’s make it sound even worse by stating a whopping 40% are under the age of 50. That would be 5 out of 12 were under 50(42%)…. leaving 7 individuals over 50(the majority). But I would put strong money that it is actually 4 out of 12 and a heavy rounding up 🙂


To reiterate, the header suggests “Healthy people in their 30s and 40s”. Funny … given that the only numbers/sample given is 12 individuals and 7/8 of them were 50 and over(again..the majority).

That is why it is a fear bs piece like 90% of all you read regarding such.

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