Throwback: Canada’s Vancouver Stock Exchange Was Once Coined by Forbes as the Scam Capital of the World

To all the Americans that might be reading this, don’t let the word Canada fool you, because the Vancouver Stock Exchange was no joke when it came to the art of the pump and dump. Even Forbes was forced to take notice, coining the exchange as the Scam Capital of the World.

For a long time, the regulators were completely captured, and David Baines, a former financial crimes writer for the Vancouver Sun, was the most outspoken critic, being front row and center to what Adrian Du Plessis, writer of the book “Sideshow: The Howe Street Carnival”, described as a “vaudeville carnival”.

You can access David Baines archive on by clicking on this link.

His book is so rare that if you had tried to purchase it on Amazon 6 months ago, the price tag would’ve ran you anywhere from $500 to even $800!

Luckily, you can borrow it for free on It’s only about 80 pages long.

On a side note, at least if you get ripped off in Canada, you don’t also risk being turned away at the hospital..

In America, if you end up losing everything due to white collar fraud, you could actually end up being denied medical care…too..

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