Wall Street on Parade Provides a Nice Break Down of the Leverage Process Behind these Newly Created Federal Reserve Special Purpose Vehicles

Wall Street on Parade is probably one of the best places online to learn about Federal Reserve policy and developments.

They were the first to begin criticizing the feds short term lending program — what was coined as the “repo program” — and from day one following the sudden 10% spike in the repo rate, they have been chronicling every single detail, every single day, in a series titled:

“Wall Street On Parade’s Ongoing Series on the Federal Reserve’s 2019/2020 Bailout of Wall Street”

This is easily the most extensive collection of articles written online about the events that led up to these recent bailouts, but more importantly, the series provides strong evidence which indicates that these mega-banks knew the bailouts were going to happen long before the economic turmoil unleashed by this virus outbreak.

To learn more about how the fed will leverage the money it receives from the government’s $1.8 trillion spending package, just click on the link below.

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