Reddit Admins are Trying to Cover Up This Message: “5 people control 92 of the top 500 subs”

Just a quick google search will provide dozens of examples of people reposting this message in a variety of subreddits — but here’s where things start getting extremely unusual (borderline creepy).

When you try visiting most of these posts via Google refined search, you will quickly see that almost every single one of them has been removed by reddit administrators….

Why would reddit go to such lengths to stop people from sharing this message? Could it be because they don’t want people to know that they have teams of moderators secretly reviewing and micro-managing their users posts?


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***Strange activity.***

Immediately after this post was published, several of these reddit snapshots mysteriously started receiving views, but for some unknown reason, they were being opened from the media files section of this wordpress account, and not directly from this post.

The creepiest part about this was that these media files views all occurred before the post had received even a single visitor, which suggests that somebody could either have gained access to this wordpress account, or that someone is closely monitoring its activities.

How else would somebody know to check the media files of this account for the reddit snapshots included in this article before it had received even one single view? They started showing up in the stats area of this account literally seconds after it was published…

After asking customer support why this was happening, things got even more unusual: the media files views suddenly disappeared from the stats page…Just for anybody that doesn’t know, the stats page is where you can see all your visitor activity..

…Luckily, a snapshot was taken before that happened

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