While Bolsonaro Calls Coronavirus a ‘Little Flu’, a Brazilian Doctor is Saying it’s the Worst Thing He’s Ever Seen In His Entire Life According to CNN (incomplete)


Google Translate Version Coronavirus in Brazil: amid the political crisis, Jair Bolsonaro seduces the poorest with a check for $ 110

“The check of 110 dollars that the Brazilian government distributes to informal workers has contributed to Jair Bolsonaro increasing his electoral base in impoverished layers of the country, despite the deterioration of the image of the president for his management of the coronavirus, and in the midst of a scandal after the broadcast of a video that commits it.” Despite his strong confrontation with the governors of the main states of the country, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, who implemented quarantines to which the president opposes, the number of deaths and contagions that is advancing day by day in the country, since the cacerolazos that are repeated week by week against the president’s response to the pandemic, Bolsonaro managed to attract the most vulnerable layers. There, the historic stronghold of the leftist Workers’ Party and where Bolsonaro was defeated in the second round of the 2018 elections by Fernando Haddad (PT) by almost 70% of the votes, the so-called “coronavoucher” has penetrated. The 600 reais of aid (about 110 dollars at the current exchange rate) captivated a part of informal workers, but also the ironclad defense of the ruler upon returning to work and at the end of the quarantines decreed by local and regional governments. And all this despite the logistical difficulty of distributing the “coronavouchers” among some 50 million Brazilians, who, as the president has warned, may begin to die of “hunger and despair” if the confinement is prolonged. Brazil is one of the most unequal countries in the world and has half of its 210 million inhabitants with an income of less than $ 250 a month. In Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco and the second largest city in the northeast, the ruler won sympathizers, mostly desperate people who depend on the help provided by the government or survive on the informality now punished by quarantines and confinement measures. The bricklayer Antonio Carlos Nascimento, 48, told EFE that for those who live from day to day, aid “alleviates” part of the needs and that Bolsonaro, despite “saying many wrong things”, is acting “correctly” because a lot of people “started a business and they can’t work since this pandemic started.” “How are they going to survive with closed trade? That is why I fully agree with the things he does and in that sense I agree with him in quotes,” Nascimento said. According to artisanal fisherman Eduardo Nunes de Souza, 49, the government was right to benefit fishermen who do not receive unemployment insurance for the low season of lobster, which is the segment covered by that subsidy, with the aid. The latest survey by the MDA Institute and the National Transport Confederation (CNT) shows that the rejection of Bolsonaro’s management shot up from 31% of the Brazilian population registered in January to 43% this month. However, the approval of the president remains practically intact, since the Brazilians who classify their Administration as “good” or “optimal” went from representing 34.5% to 32% According to specialists, Bolsonaro has compensated for the drop in support among citizens with a higher sociocultural level by new support from voters who only attended elementary school and have a lower income.

Interesting comment translated from: https://www.pagina12.com.ar/267657-el-video-de-bolsonaro-desato-un-escandalo-en-brasil “This that happens in Latin America, is the sad consequence (not wanted by us) of the approx. 15 years of prosperity, when the North American scourge, busy in its economic turmoil of the late 1990s, let us be. There, without the intervention of that Nation of insatiable bullies, the governments of Chavez, Lula, NK, Evo Morales, Correa were born. It was not accidental. A breath of air in so many ancestral enslaved towns that lasted … what lasted. The northern predator woke up from its torpor, like Smaug, and everything went to the horn. And it is logical: they do not want equality, nor the idea of ​​Patria y Patria Grande or, much less, the distribution of wealth (as asked by the SOCMA Argentinian Mafioso Asshole on TV). Bolsonaro disgusts and embarrasses others, but it is only an exacerbation of Macri, the bug Áñez de Bolivia, Lenín Moreno, Piñera and the like. And in all of our countries the same standards are given / given: putting aside all the conquests achieved by the popular majority, negotiated and the plunder of a small group of businessmen, massacre of indigenous peoples, an alliance with the United States (with unrestricted support of these, whoever is in your government, Democrat or Republican), conservative neoliberal government, indebtedness, subjugation of the judiciary, conquest and stupidization through the media, etc., etc. There is no doubt for me that all this is orchestrated from the United States and its financial vultures, in order to conquer economically (through the possession of debt papers and acquisition of land and companies at a vile price) and politically (to have allies who support and support their worldwide depredation). But not even after the pandemic, I think there are signs that things will change. Whoever has the power and the money, rules. Only a financial or natural catastrophe over the United States would free us from all the filth and disgrace that emanates from that country. At least, until another appears …

To learn about Brazil’s dark history, this book will show you everything.

Free version: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL1436136M/Thy_will_be_done

Included below is an excerpt.

As you can see, its should definitely make for an interesting read.


During Nelson Rockafellar’s honeymoon trip to the 3rd World

Refers to the construction of the Rockefellar center in the middle of the Great Depression as a travesty

page 60

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