Why is Twitter the Source Referral for Voat.co??

This article contains **EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGES**, and it is not appropriate for children audiences or those under the age of 21. By proceeding, you agree that you are 21 years of age..

If somebody were to tell you that Twitter was sourcing a platform like Voat.co — one of the most (if not the most) racist places on the entire internet — would you believe them?

Probably not, right?

Voat? You’d have to see some evidence for something like that, I bet..

Isn’t Voat supposed to be a “free speech” platform, a sort of place where truth vigilantes can escape the all-eye-seeing-eye of big tech encroachment? An alternative for those who wish to spread their idea’s free of censorship and interference..

If you look at the image above, you will see a source referral listed in the bottom left box. The above screenshot is from tracemyip.org, a popular IP tracking application used by web developers.

In this case, there is a Google logo in that box, and to the right of the box, you should be able to see an official google.com url.

Still following..?

In this next image, you should be able to see something very similar: a Facebook logo in the bottom left box (just like the first one), then to the right you will see the official facebook.com url.

Okay, now here is where things start getting extremely unusual/borderline creepy. Do you see what it says in the box now?

This time it’s a Twitter logo. But take a closer look. Do you see something that’s just.. a little bit unusual?

Beside the Twitter logo, it says voat.co!

That’s very strange, don’t you think?

Now why would Twitter be showing up as the source referral for a website like voat.co?

Try posting there sometime. Within as little as a few minutes (if that), you will quickly be met with a flurry of antisemitic spam messages. In fact, these posts have a way of showing up so fast that it almost seems as if there is a team of accounts systemically brigading peoples posts.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can go much further than simple racism, and on the rare occasion, you might even run into something like this.

Now, before you continue, this image may be disturbing to some viewers, and if there is any minors present, it is highly recommended that you remove them from the room before you decide to venture any further.

Are you ready? (Yes, this is real)..

As of the time of writing, that account has been active for a full month now.

Now, you just expect to see the Jew haters on a place like voat.co; that’s just a given — but THIS????

How is it possible that this account has managed to remain active for such a long period of time without any intervention whatsoever? Just going off that negative 170 “CCP” tally — Voat’s version of reddit comment karma — this account must have received dozens of complaints by now..

Don’t you find it just a little bit odd that Twitter shows up as the source for something like this..


source image: voat account handle, “https://voat.co/u/LOVERunderagePUSSY”

…This disgusting account pictured in the image above is probably one of the most obscene images you will see online right now..At least in terms of social media platforms..


Could it be that Voat is some kind of controlled opposition that is meant to illustrate the dangers of a social media platform free from all forms of censorship — a sort of stark reminder to anybody who disagrees with big tech’s recent pivot towards online censorship?

Who knows..

Right now, all that we know is that Twitter shows up as the true originator for this referral — and not Voat.co…

Even if this is not some kind of elaborate conspiracy — it’s hard to see how it isn’t — and Twitter is maybe just hosting Voat’s server, why would Twitter Inc. want anything to do with this sick platform in the first place?

..Twitter is supposed to be completely against racism. And, of course, you’d naturally just expect that they would also be against pedophilia as well (obviously).

What is going on here? Maybe we need to start asking Twitter some tough questions..

UPDATE: June.23rd, 2:12am

The account is still active..

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