Must Read, “The Dawning of a New Era: Post-Capitalism 1.0”: “This situation was engineered by the technocrats to produce an outcome. Since, at least temporarily, the concocted coronacrisis is losing its power to enforce lockdown compliance, now the excuse of civil unrest is being used. The population will now become acclimatized to the presence of police and military on the streets enforcing curfews and restricting mobility. The reorganization of socio-economic behavior and structures is rapidly proceeding. Expect the use of technologies such as EM wave and sound cannons against the population. We are transitioning to a centrally planned technocracy. Google and Microsoft are developing the Artificial Intelligence, Apple and Facebook collect and funnel the big data, Amazon is the central distribution/consumption hub. Obviously there are other big tech players involved, but that’s the basic layout of “the economy”. 5G rollout is HUGE, and it’s not a happenstance that it is being rolled out now at this juncture. This sets up the architecture of Internet of Things and BIG data necessary to feed and grow the central AI management systems.” By Steven Vincent

“The Dawning of a New Era: Post-Capitalism 1.0”


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