New Brunswick (Home of the Irving Family) — a Province in Canada With a Population of 761,214 — Has So Far Only Managed to Report One Death From Coronavirus

New Brunswick is a place that is best known for both it’s thriving timber industry, and the Irving refinery — the largest oil refinery in all of Canada.

It’s also home to the great Irving Family, the 8th richest family in the entire world.

Irving Refinery

But on June.4th, 2020, something very unusual happened in this obscure eastern Canadian province. Following a worldwide quarantine that at times included gangs in El Salvador enforcing lock-down measures with baseball bats, New Brunswick is only now reporting their 1st death due to coronavirus – and get this: it happened in a nursing home

image included for archival purposes: source, Guelph Today
image included for archival purposes: source, CTV

Listed below is a series of key news articles that will help broaden your perspective about this coronavirus outbreak.

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