Reddit Blocks Wall Street on Parade, a Popular Website Focused on Wall Street Corruption

If you follow the stock market, and you still haven’t had the chance to read some of Wall Street on Parade’s articles, there’s probably a good chance that you’re missing out on a big piece of the puzzle.

They do some of the best investigative journalism on the topic of Wall Street corruption on the entire internet, and for more than 10 years, they have been publishing at least one article per day about important Fed policy developments, lifting the veil for those who are too busy with their daily lives to keep up to date on all the latest news affecting the banking industry. In fact, if you read enough of their articles, you will eventually become not just an expert Wall Street corruption, but the entire stock market itself!

Unfortunately, for reasons that are unknown, it appears that doesn’t feel their users should be accessing this kind information — even though WSP’s website is freely available from a wide variety of online sources.

An anonymous reddit account has uncovered evidence of Advanced Publications blocking links to websites that by any stretch of the imagination do not constitute as fake news, are far from deceptive, and certainly do not promote violence or racism.

Check out these videos.

With companies going bankrupt left right and center, and 40 million people out of work, why would Advance Publications feel the need to block such an incredible source of information from being accessed by their 430 million users? Truly sick..

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