The Financial Politburo Described in Flash Points

-They have special courts

Their activities are unfairly subsidized

-They write the financial legislation

-They own — and direct — the very mechanism precipitating their unimaginable profits

-The man who’s primary profits derive from these very same financial interests owns one of the most popular financial news outlets

-They receive government subsidized loans without having to disclose who the beneficiaries are (they are also not required to share these government subsidized profits).

-They regulate themselves

-They orchestrate elaborate schemes that enrich themselves while impoverishing others and rarely go to jail (Money is punishment, and the circumstances don’t matter apparently.)

-Some of them even claim they are doing God’s work

-And just like the implied bailout subsidy unfairly lowers their cost of doing business relative to their competitors, the implied financial collapse from being so large lowers the chance that they can be prosecuted or put out of business.

-Now our voices are being silenced on the internet; the only defense we had against their fraud.

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