Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. Reduces Outstanding Shares From 480,050,689 to 30,003,168 — Greeks Probably Dying to Get In On The Action ( Just Something to Watch– Massive Gamble)

If you were to do it, you’d scale down. Maybe buy 1/4 at market close today….

Again, this is gambling. Haven’t fully researched it yet either — just noticed that the message board activity has picked up quite a bit as of late.

..$CTRM was also seeing some attention as well, another greek dry-bulk shipping stock in the micro-cap sector..

Check out the IHUB/Stocktwits/r/pennystocks activity by searching site:(website) then $SHIP.

So for example, with r/pennystocks, you would search “ r/pennystocks $SHIP”, then refine the search to the past week, or month.

They trend like a fad, so you can get a good idea of sentiment by watching the social media activity.

Sometimes you’ll find some interesting threads.

The reverse stock split is expected to be effective, and the common stock to begin trading on a split-adjusted basis on the Nasdaq, at the opening of trading on June 30, 2020. When the reverse stock split becomes effective, every sixteen shares of the Company’s issued and outstanding common stock will be automatically combined into one issued and outstanding share of common stock without any change in the par value per share or the total number of authorized shares. This will reduce the number of outstanding shares of the Company’s common stock from approximately 480,050,689 shares to approximately 30,003,168 shares, to be adjusted for the cancellation of fractional shares. The exercise price, and the number of shares issuable on exercise, of the Company’s outstanding Class A, Class B and Class D warrants will adjust proportionately. Link

**DISCLAIMER** This is all my opinion, and I  am not a financial adviser. You should consult a financial adviser before making any  decision with regard to publicly traded securities.  This company carries an extremely high degree of risk, and you should not use this information as the basis for an investment decision. You should consider this information as similar to personal insight from a peer/friend/acquaintance, and thus it should (obviously) not be the primary source material for basing an investment decision, because similar to any opinion from a peer/friend/acquaintance, it could be completely and utterly incorrect! Good luck and happy trading everyone****

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