The Censored Financial Apocalypse is Upon Us

Today, nothing is allowed to go viral unless they give the thumbs up, and what has resulted is an internet that has devolved into a place where hoards of algorithms and moderators constantly watch everything we say online. Last month, Mark Zuckerberg even went so far as to say that he wanted the internet to be like TV — meaning anything that isn’t generic or falls outside of the established norm will be banned or deboosted.

The internet was supposed to liberate humanity from all the ridiculous and unnecessary societal barriers that held no purpose other than to reinforce a power structure that tends to only benefit a small group of well connected hereditary elite. But after 20 years of unobstructed hyper connectivity, the people who pull the strings of the society simply couldn’t take it anymore.

This is how it works folks. Everybody else gets banned but them. It’s 1984, but with algorithms — so worse, which is quite the testament.

What a disgrace.

To all the people who are assisting in this Orwellian censorship grid; this is the world you are building for your children’s future. A world where truth is politicized, where corruption is legalized and excused, and where the ruling class, who can lie with impunity, have complete control over our lives.

Cover illustration of Harper’s Weekly December 13, 1913 by James Montgomery Flagg.

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