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Having trouble finding an old article? Just use the Way Back Machine. An amazing resource

The best place online to find old news articles. The link below takes you to David Baines archive, considered by some to be Canada’s most prolific financial crimes writer. He used to write for the Vancouver Sun. Vancouver was once home to the VSE (Vancouver Stock Exchange), considered by Forbes to be the scam capital of the world due to its frequent pump and dump schemes. For a long time, the regulators were completely captured and Baines was the most outspoken critic, being front row and center to what Adrian Du Plessis, writer of the book “Sideshow: The Howe Street Carnival”, described as a “vaudeville carnival”.

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Multicharts is the creator of Tradingview. They offer advanced charting software for professional traders. The tick charts are very useful and the data goes back 11 years


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