Cryptic Messages

Over the past few months, I’ve been receiving what at least appears to be these sort of cryptic messages. Sometimes it is probably all in my head, but other times it appears to be very real..

Yesterday, a person shared one of my links on the $NNDM message board on stocktwits, the most popular stock message board online.

This was the first time somebody had shared one of my links on stocktwits for quite sometime.


“” 6 followers, 6 follows, and 666 likes

“” (archive –> “”)

Then right before midnight, my wordpress stats page showed 666 referrals on stocktwits originating from the article that this account had shared.

The article was about how underwriters manipulate the prices of public companies ahead of stock offerings, and the reason why this person was sharing the article was because $NNDM had just recently exhibited behavior very similar to what I allege in my write up; this “gun and run” tactic that these crooks like to use before stock offerings. They will artificially inflate the price up to exorbitant price levels, then follow up with a stock offering very soon after — usually within a few days..

Again, this could all just be my head — but nevertheless, over the past 4-5 months, this seems to have been happening quite frequently.

I’ll receive these clicks on posts at very unusual times, or in very strange circumstances, and it almost seems as if somebody is trying to send some kind of cryptic message.

Oh, one last thing: this was the picture that this account was using at the time.

Again, it could all just be in my head..but something inside of me says that it is not..

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