Politicizing the Truth: The Poynter Institutes List of Supposed “Fake News” Websites

These are the websites that the Poynter Institute — Facebooks Fact-Checking affiliate — deemed to be fake news. Be prepared to be shocked by some of the names on this list. They even put Wall Street on Parade on there, showing beyond any shadow of a doubt how little respect they have for the profession of journalism; what a disgrace.

Due to a vicious public backlash, the list was quickly removed, but it still provides us with a unique window into their mindset nonetheless. The excuse they provided was to say that their methodology was flawed, but it seems highly unlikely that this disgusting display of media bias comes down to a simple mistake, as Alexios Mantzarlis, one of Poynters top contributors, has been working in the industry since at least 2014.

Screenshots have been used because archive.org is no longer a reliable web preservation service. Recently they started removing content with relative frequency; the most terrifying display of censorship to date, which is quite the feat considering everything that has happened since the big tech corporations began blocking and shadowbanning people on social media.

To learn more about how Facebook bans people on their platform, click on the image below

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